Make me!

Material can be very demanding you shop, dream, plan, justify, splurge and when it arrives it masters you.  When the fabric takes over there is no going back. It’s as if I really do have cloth between my ears!


Retro Inspired Top

I try to keep a leash on my fabric buying and have stuck to my self imposed ban on buying clothes. Since July I have only bought shoes, tights & underwear. During 2016 I will master underwear & jeans making. I have worn 90% of the garments I make for myself. The guilty bunch on the naughty step will soon be transformed too.

During a new year fabric sale browse I spotted some beautiful Michael Miller fabric from To my delight The Wolf & The Beauty had listened to my ramblings about sewing bits and bobs & surprised me with some plunder. Full marks to them as I had forgotten mentioning most of the pretties.



The Magnificant Mesmerising Material




I obviously needed some kind of bag to hoard, I mean keep my treasures in and this fabric is perfect.

The fabulous fabric arrived speedily, (with a couple of other fat quarters that are essential) & before I knew it I was racking my brains for a way to turn three fat quarters into a top! I had no choice, the fabric whispered and cajoled demanding to be worn.

‘ I am too chic to fester in the sewing loft justifying your addiction, I refuse to hang out with the 50 candy coloured zips in limbo’

Ok, I succumbed and considered how to eek out a top from such magnificent yet meagre material. Cutting fabric economically is important to me in the name of sustainability (& I am a real Scrooge). After much thought I decided upon hacking the wonderfully reliable & versatile Sorbetto top.


I had half a metre of Make it Work and a one FQ of Couture Vintage. After much deliberation and tea I decided to extend the shoulders out to make cap sleeves. As my days of crop tops are long gone I added a deep contrast hem. To add to the retro feel, (and mimic the neck of the dress on the fabric), I also drafted a Peter Pan collar.


Lacking sufficient fabric to bind the armholes I used a pink polka dot vintage dress fabric I had bought on my last homage to Abakhans. This was also used for the collar lining and to add that extra 50’s touch a jaunty neck tie!


After spending an indecent amount of time looking through my buttons I realised that there was nothing suitable. Rather than getting lost in an online shopping time warp I took Ma Julie’s advice again: go shopping in your own wardrobe!

The perfect embellishment was hanging out (literally sharing the same hook) with Fifi my French curve. A tiny pair of scissors charm purchased two years ago at a craft fair.


I did wonder if it was sewing overkill, but hey that’s the way I rick rack  and roll! Just need to sew it on now………………………………..

Off course the Material Mafia is organised and the fabric I deliberated on, but sadly left in my basket like a pining puppy, emailed my brain and must be bought! I thought it prudent to buy some more sewing charms too.




This time I won’t be a Scrooge so I can expand my sewing choice slightly.  Ma Julie bought me some Haslams Dress Cutting System pattern books. So this weekend I will be identifying, then making…….whatever the fabric tells me to!







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