Supporting a Sewing Habit

I stepped outside my selfish sewing world today & pondered on the impact of my weekend & holiday binge sewing on the Beauty and the Wolf. I also considered the effect of weekday cold turkey with occasional high spikes of joy due to a mid-week sewing fix on them. Although I’m not about to nominate them for a Nobel Peace Prize I fully acknowledge that living with a compulsive sewist requires great tolerance.

They have adjusted well & consider it normal to have an unfinished garment hanging on the fire place.

Hanging around until the decision to add buttons is confirmed.

Hanging around until the decision to add buttons is confirmed.

They appear to accept that any candle holders, jars, saucers and vases will become magically filled with assorted buttons.


I think they quite liked the Bewitching Bats I pattern tested, they lived on the fire place for a month until I ‘accidentally’ left them at Ma Julie’s Halloween party today.

Bewitching Bats

However I think there are a few factors of my sewing footprint that are beginning to cheese them right off. I will start my audit with a few visuals of the physical impact: please note that I am no friend of housework & see no merit in the ‘Ground Hog Day’ like activity. So yes parts of my gaff are untidy but I choose life.

A sleeve pattern fluttered down from my sewing loft, chilled on the landing for a while,  sat on the bathroom cabinet for a rest and then spent sometime on the loo! I last used this pattern for my entry into the Sewindie Month pattern hacking contest sometime in September so it’s about time I moved it.

Fluttery sleeve

They also have become very adept at faking interest when things are sewing well & sympathy when things sew wrong. Although I feel that the Wolf could have shown some vicarious remorse when ‘his’ crazy dog destroyed by £0.80 charity shop pattern.


I only nipped upstairs to get my scissors and she shredded it up like it contained the secrets of her mind. Although she did guard my shortlisted fabrics for the new Wren dress.


My lovely family have  developed  touchingly sweet patience, tact and diplomacy, a few sample quotes to illustrate this:

The Beauty ‘mum, you know you have a no sewing on a school night rule – do you think you could close the loft hatch in the week as all the heat escapes?

Wolf ‘would you like a hand getting that ( insert any of the following here; mountain of fabric, heap of bits & bobs, mini ironing board, pile of pebbles, toy retro sewing machine, packet of needles) up stairs?

Bless them, I move things eventually (or hide them) sewing bits & bobs need time to acclimatise to new environments, rather like goldfish .

On a positive they have acquired great stitching wizardry knowledge thus enhancing their willingness to listen & contribute insightfully. My creative craftiness also provides them with scope for humour too. I overheard them laughing recently, they were trying some tiny shoes (yes I am still moonlighting as a shoemaker for some unknown reason) on the dog!


I didn’t get a photo as their gleeful mirth was covert but here are the shoes, I announced that I was going to make adult sized pairs for everyone as Christmas presents. They swiftly told me they had slippers or didn’t wear them!

The Wolf has also become sneakily  creative at linking things to sewing where he needs to. There was a moth flying around & he refused to kill It, he justified by telling me that they make holes in clothes so i can make some more. He also linked the importance of the food chain to sewing when I refused to care about the diminishing bumblebees. (Somehow cotton won’t grow if all the bees die out, I can always use knit fabric though?)

The both only mildly mocked me when the vintage toy sewing machine and ‘won’ on eBay arrived.


I am a happier person since my sewjo returned and maybe there are one or two things they would like to change but all in all the positives outweigh the negatives……..don’t they?


Any thoughts on this?

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