Cardboard Lilly

I love making clothes for the flower fairies but I often get the sizing wrong, usually dresses are far too small.

Heart shaped pocket with gingham bias trim

Heart shaped pocket with gingham bias trim

I thought that it was about time I introduced cardboard Lilly, my baby sized 2D model, she helps to make dresses for Lilly Rose. Matilda my marvellous dress form takes care of her, they have become firm friends.


The adorable real Lilly Rose in a dress that actually fits her. With the help of Cardboard Lilly.

The adorable real Lilly Rose in a dress that with the help of Cardboard Lilly actually fits her

My youngest Flower Fairy, Lilly Rose lives in Holland and after many epic fails at making her clothes that fit I drafted a 2D version. When she was very young it took me three attempts at a sleeping sack before one fit her. I made a few dresses for her when she was a tiny little baby. Very few fit her and if they did she grew out of them in a week.

Third time lucky

Third time lucky

I did use the Beauty’s vintage, retro Baby Born doll, does 21 years old count as very vintage or retro? I recently learnt that there are strict rules about these things, fair doos but please enforce some about shabby chic. This term often means cheap & shoddy but splashed with chalk paint. Goodness me where did that rant come from I didn’t know I cared so much?

I love the flower fairy fabric if I used to make a tunic with matching bloomers, I think it fit her for the duration of the photograph.


Lets get back to Cardboard Lilly’s crafty creation, I asked her lovely Mama to send me her height & weight. I used a baby measurement guide and armed with a ruler several felt tips, pencils, my beloved French curve (Fifi) I set to work. As she is 2D she looks much wider than a real child because I drew her to scale. Imagine putting a Baby Born Doll through a mangle, you get the idea. Apparently, my Uncle put caterpillars through my gran’s mangle (the one in the back yard, she was posh so had two) & ate them!

With a very cross face, due to Sunday morning sums, I drafted her onto a flattened cardboard box. She looked wrong without a face so I drew her one but without hair she looked a bit drag queen. Hair added, a bit of color & cut her out I eagerly tried a dress on her.

Don't be alarmed, she hasn't been beaten the dents are from my knees.

Don’t be alarmed, she hasn’t been beaten the dents are from my knees, although I did catch Lil Lou waltzing her around in a rather clumsy manner.

During this process the Beauty left the room as she said she felt uncomfortable around Cardboard Lilly. How rude, I think it was sibling rivalry as she is my only & favourite daughter. I reassured her using the modern method of social media


I thought my idea was quite genius although I did have to give her hair a trim as cardboard hair doesn’t flatten & clothing wouldn’t go over it. She also has a slightly bent arm to help with fitting. She modelled the whole Strawberry Garden Collection with a certain panache.

image image

The adorable Lilly Rose could have dresses that fit her for more than a day, alas she has now outgrown Cardboard Lilly.


She helped with a few of the dresses I made for my delightful  niece but most of them were still too small as she grows every minute!


The next model to join my sewing entourage will be a pair of baby feet as I have developed a bit of a shoe making habit. There have been a few disasters but Giggy’s doll now has a growing collection of tiny shoes. They were so small they wouldn’t even fit her Badgesty.



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