Sewing Indie Month

September is Sewing Indie Month, it’s also a very busy time at work for me but I stole time to make the Mississippi Avenue dress at the weekend. This pattern is one of ten in the first bundle, It’s the third I have made, along with the Salt Box Top & the Sorrel Top.

Sew House Seven pattern part of the Sew Independent bundle one.

Sew House Seven pattern part of the Sew Independent bundle one.

Its more of a summer style pattern but I wanted a dress I could wear for work during autumn. I used a slightly heavier fabric than those suggested on the pattern & planned to exclude the shoulder ribbons. I forgot about this when cutting it out and didn’t make the necessary adjustments. Without the bows it is a bit low and gapes at the pits. I like them now & as the Beauty pointed out ‘ they balance the dress’.  Her and the Style Counsellor (my fabulous sister) have an eye for these things.


I also used baby pink for the facings partly because I was a bit short on fabric as I used some from my Utrecht stash. The main reason, as with the pink rick rack coyly peeping out of the front panel, was the to match some new shoes.

I bought some rather splendid shoes that are very similar to a black pair I already have, to justify/ensure good value I bought them in pink. I didn’t take the purchase lightly and gave it due consideration. I had no choice as they weren’t available for a week anyway, I also consulted the Beauty.

To buy or not to buy: the Great Shoe Debate

To buy or not to buy: the Great Shoe Debate (yes we also had a similar meaningful discussion about men’s hats).

They look a bit florrie on that photo so here are the beauties again, Ta Da!

Good parenting

Good parenting

Right, back to the sewing now, the dress was easy to sew and the pattern simple to follow. It took me donkeys years to piece together, tape, trace & cut but I think it was because I was tired. I attempted the mammoth jigsaw on Friday night but gave up, it was simple pimple in the morning. Now that it is cut out it will be easy peasy to make another & I certainly will.

The second Sew Indie Month bundle contains lots of great patterns for knits and a fabulous coat. Its amazing value & there are three competition sewalong’s to go with it but I have a back log of patterns so am not allowed to buy it.


Although I have oodles of fabric I am very short of knit so I ordered a tidgey bit to make the Sorrel Dress. Or maybe something from the second bundle, if I was buying it that is………

Pink Rick rack trim around the front panel

Pink Rick rack trim around the front panel


2 thoughts on “Sewing Indie Month

  1. You are absolutely correct I hadn’t considered the Clarks angle, it almost makes them educational & health enhancing! I’m not so sure about the great feet theory as mine resemble George Michael despite the Clarks upbringing.
    You should continue to pay homage to fabulous footwear after all you deserve it, I often wondered who the tears on the floor outside Aldo belonged too


  2. Anonymous says:

    Perfect parenting re: the shoes. They are, after all (in a round about way), from Clarks. And as the ever youthful Julie would say ‘If you wear Clarks shoes throughout your childhood, you will have great feet and will be able to wear any style of shoe when you are older. ‘ I have taken this to heart and my life’s work has been to buy every type, style, shape and colour of shoe, boot, sandal and slipper I can get my hands on. According to the ever youthful Julie, even as a toddler in my pram I would cry if we passed a shoe shop and didn’t go inside. I still do.


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