Sew Little Time

Fitting in some time to sew has been quite a challenge recently but I managed to complete one garment & some sewing preparation for the week ahead last weekend.
imageAs the Wolf & the Beauty were paying homage to their grand passion (watching football) I spent the day making the Saltbox Top from Blueprints Sewing

I took advantage of the empty house by cutting out the pattern in the kitchen, I need to spread out PDF patterns like a jigsaw before I tape & cut them. I wasn’t completely alone & Bowie decided to join in with the stitching wizardry by helping me with the cutting out.

Bowie can't read very well, she thought it said salty bone.

Bowie can’t read very well, she thought it said salty bone.

A great feature of the pattern are the houses that make matching up accurately much easier. I normally only use PDF patterns for baby & children’s stuff but the Sew Indie Month bundle was too tempting to resist.

The top is made from two pieces of fabric making it ideal  for using up left overs, or one metre or less impulse/indulgence buys. I had plenty of the linen left that I used for the Taffy Dress. Something with a pattern was required as a contrast & the two fat quarters of Retro Beech Houses from was just the thing. I love this fabric so much it was in danger of becoming a Material Museum piece.

its described as an easy to make pattern & I agree but I messed up a bit with the apex of the triangles on it. The back is every so slightly wonky & the tip of the roof has been nibbled off on the front. This is because I didn’t trust the pattern & decided that I knew better than the designer! After all I studied fashion draft & design for a full two hours at college when I left school. (Long story, my friend an I saw some boys we knew during the induction tour. We were parted from the group & couldn’t find them so went home & were too embarrassed to go back) whereas the designer is fully trained & has a wealth of experience.

Back view, it's not as wonky as it looks.

Back view, it’s not as wonky as it looks.

I ignored the instructions when joining the diagonal seams as it looked like it wouldn’t match up. It’s the same error I often make when joining bias tape, I match up the edges instead of the seam allowance. I have made a note (ticking off) to myself on the pattern instructions for the next time I make one.

Regardless of the mistakes I love it and have already worn it, I might make a shift dress version next time.

I usually spend sometime lesson planning for the week on Sunday’s but as the students are not back yet I did sewing planning for the week ahead. I knew that my withdrawal symptoms would be severe so I prepped some simple relaxing sewing to complete mid week.

Front & back view of one piece

Front & back view of one piece I used up scraps & crazy blocked some pieces to use as burp cloths for Stockport Early Essentials. The relaxed freestyle sewing was nice after two pattern following sews & I would enjoy completing them later on.

Crazy blocking

I finished early on Tuesday so I had time to finish the burp cloths, I used up ribbon scraps too.

Burp cloths for Stockport Early Essentials

Burp cloths for Stockport Early Essentials

Wednesday night there was a football match on so I cut out the Sorrel Dress pattern (the next one I plan to make from the Sew Independent Bundle).

By Thursday my two lives were overlapping slightly, in a meeting at work we discussing teaching hours and I made the following contribution ‘I don’t have my calculator with me so I have added this up by hand’. Later on in the morning I lost ten minutes gazing at curtains turning them into a coat in my mind. Creative Catherine and controlled Cathy were melding into one.

I later received three fabric fixes, a lady at work gave me a bag of fabric, amongst the swag some regal purple velour. Perfect for shorts & a cape I am making for a colleague’s charity boxing match outfit. I was then given a bag of cream leather and an invite to have a nosy through a treasure chest of fabric the Performing arts department were throwing out. (It really is in a pirates treasure chest – I must photograph the plunder)

Then the icing on the cake, I checked my personal email when the I got home and was chuffed to bits to receive photos of my Dutch flower fairy babies. The strapping lad Oliver modelling his fried egg apron & petite Lilly Rose in her bib were waiting in my inbox, just what I needed!

My handsome first born always says that Oliver has a pie head (large head), his lovely mum had to cut the neck strap so it would fit. Well, you need a bigger space to keep a larger brain!

Invisible omelette making

Invisible omelette making

Lilily Rose, the youngest flower fairy

Lilily Rose, the youngest flower fairy

I didn’t get a start on the weekend sewing last night as the Wolf & I went to Foodie Friday – a few ales were sampled and we were fast asleep by ten pm!

Not to worry it’s a three day weekend thanks to the bank holiday, plenty of time for  stitching wizardry.


Any thoughts on this?

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