Taffy Top Pattern Hack

At last another pattern from the Colette Sewing Handbook Has become a garment instead of a an item on a list. I used some light weight brown linen that I had bought specifically for the Taffy in Utrecht. As I am stitching up an Autumn wardrobe I thought that using a needle cord for the edging would stop it looking too summery.

I took my time making the pattern and as it is cut on the bias I made full sized back & front pieces rather than flipping halves over. I used freezer paper again so my traced pattern pieces stayed steady during cutting. I lengthened the top to make a bias cut dress. The other addition I made was including a full belt rather than a half & I added tiny belt loops. This was because I couldn’t decide whethet to have it at the front or back, now I can have both. I almost scaled down the sleeves as they looked rather Mardi Gras meets Abba’s Dancing Queen, but decided  to trust the pattern. I am soooooooeeew glad did as they are beautiful.

A little bit Mardi Gras or Abba’s Dancing Queen?

In fact, this butterfly landed on the fence when I was making the pattern in the garden & it reminds me of the sleeves.

Butterfly blessing the sleeves

Maybe it was a special fluttery sleeves magic butterfly?

Once the cutting out was done it was on to my favourite bit: selecting the thread from my extensive collection. I narrowed it down to five but was stuck, brown, grey, beige, greige or slightly different brown. I was convinced it should be one of the Browns but consulted the beauty to be on the safe side.

Thread shortlist!

Thread shortlist!

She took her duties as Sewman Cowell very seriously and immediately pressed the buzzer on the Browns. I was briskly told to use the middle one as the others are cold colours and the fabric is warm toned. I did a little test stitch and of course she was correct.

The Taffy top is made up of four pieces making it remarkable easy to sew, allowing time to apply techniques such as French seams and binding. I made card templates to use as guides for even seam allowance and bias binding. I usually always use the red bias binding maker as my ruler is exactly the right width.

I tried it on Matilda and noticed that it was hanging oddly around my waist at the back, no matter how much adjusting of the belt I did it looked rather sack like. I inserted a couple of centre back diamond shaped darts and it worked a treat.

Taffy Top-Dress

Ignore the strange haze and colour of the photo, I have a Daylight Bulb in my Sewing Loft house & it makes photos look a bit odd. While I am on the subject, also ignore the badly pressed darts – I sorted them out don’t worry!

Colette Taffy Top Hack

Colette Taffy Top Hack

All in all I am really chuffed with my Dancing Queen Taffy dress & will make another soon.


Any thoughts on this?

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