Sew Long Sewing Summer

Sadly my summer sewathon is almost over I have to go back to work to earn the money to support my habit on Wednesday. Back to sewing at weekends although I plan to abolish my self imposed ‘ no sewing on a school night’ rule. Now that I have my Sewing Lofthouse I can leave projects out & complete a section each night.

Sew, onto the past weeks stitching wizardry, I started with an apron for the Wolf and mini aprons for the Flower Fairies.

Everything a Chef could need

Everything a Chef could need

Mini apronAlthough I constructed the apron credit for the design goes to the Wolf, he had very specific requirements:

  • A loop to keep him his grubby cloth thing on
  • a pocket for his tasting spoon
  • a front split to allow pacing around the kitchen
  • ties that are long enough to wrap around the front

The appliqué toadstool, rick rack pocket trim and decorative stitching were my contributions. I get the feeling that had these ‘optional extras’ really been an option they wouldn’t have been included!

Next up aprons for the Flower Fairies, I love making simple tiny items they are so quick to make and present endless opportunities for embellishments. Drafting  up a pattern was simple and the striped material made cutting out easy peasy.

Apron Pattern

This time the recipients were consulted  on their preferred appliqué motif. Giggy requested a strawberry as this is her favourite food. I rummaged through my scraps box for suitable fabric. I didn’t realise quite how much strawberry based fabric I had used over the past year so I had quite a choice!

Strawberry Fields Forever.......

Strawberry Fields Forever…….

Little Lou requested a fish as its his favourite food, when I gave him the apron he responded ‘ I like my fish cut up, no heads or tails please’.


On to the Dutch Flower Fairy aprons now, the consulted my handsome son regarding preferred food sources for appliqué. He requested a fried egg for Olly, I introduced him to the Traditional northern delicacy a fried egg on toast on a recent holiday & it is now his favourite food. He is a British Northern boy at heart!  I decided on an apple for Lilly Rose & she is a baby  & mainly drinks mummy milk, I  went for a large bib rather than an apron.

Apron & bib imageI visited Ma Julie this week, while I was there I asked her if she remembered the scalloped edged gold pinking shears I received as a present when I was 11. She disappeared into her studio and five minutes later returned with them!

Gold Pinking ShearsThey are in remarkable nick for their age (rather like me!), I gave them a quick clean, a drop of machine oil & tightened the screw and they work a treat. Despite years of abuse they still cut a nice  wavy zig zag. They were made by Richards in Sheffield & certainly live up to their name: Golden Age Rustless.

Golden Age Rustless image

The blades are not as sharp as they once were (again, rather like me) but the curved edges are so cute.


I finally made something from my Japanese Sewing book, I have been drooling over the designs and had some adorable Michael Miller fabric crying out to be transformed. There are 21 patterns with the book with instructions translated from Japanese.

The designs are simple and stylish but instructions are a bit sparse. The patterns are overlaid so  I highlighted the size I wanted with purple prior to tracing on to my beloved freezer paper. I had read that the sizings were on the small side so I used age four for Giggy who is nearly three. (The patterns do not include seam allowance, I didn’t add any as I was scaling down a smidge).

Michael Miller Wee Wander Blue Deer. Japanese Sewing Pattern

Michael Miller Wee Wander Blue Deer. Japanese Sewing Pattern

I spent far too much time on thread selection, I just love all the colours that are in the fabric so much!

The top was fairly easy to make once I had computed the instruction formats, both diagrams and text for each stage are included but not together.

As it is so small there was lots of scope & time for extra detail, I used a contrast pink tiny dotted fabric for facings. The only change i  made was to line the sleeves but  i added lots of decorative stitching, of course!

Japanese Sewing Patterns - Girls Top

Japanese Sewing Patterns – Girls Top


Now I had planned to make some matching knicker bockers from the book but I was hot & bothered and didn’t fancy tracing the pattern. (I think my glasses needed cleaning as the lines were blurring!). So I used a ‘go to’ PJs pattern and scaled them down to make breezy summer shorts. The Beauty said they looked like boxing shorts, but assured me that was a good thing!?

As usual  Giggy couldn’t wait to try them on and dance about, I also slipped the Little Betty (miniature Bettine made with the left over fabric) on her for a quick photo.

image image

Right then, I have one & a half days to sew my self silly I have only made one out of the five patterns in the classic Colette Pattern  Handbook. The Taffy is my next on my list & I have three potential fabrics available from my Utrecht booty. Sometimes too much choice is not a good thing I just can’t decide! I am thinking of extending it to a dress and using a corduroy bias edging. I have also just bought ten (eek) new patterns from Sew Independent.

My mind is jumping around from pattern to pattern, fabric to fabric so much that I am quite dizzy with the excitement, I have a small footstool in mind for a linen scrap makeover too. I am also conveniently forgetting the outstanding items from my last list!

Best get on with it now



Any thoughts on this?

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