Sewing up a Scene

I decided to attempt embroidering the view from my sun-lounger, I completed all of it on a sun-lounger too! The 37 degree heat did strange things to my IPad making reading impossible and connecting to the Internet was an occasional treat.

The view from my sunlounger

The view from my sun-lounger

The vista I wanted to recreate was obscured by people and boats unless I was in the sea. I am a strong swimmer and the sea was very warm but I couldn’t tread water for hours. So I took some photos for inspiration and planned a ‘mash up’ of different views.image

I made rough grid lines on a piece of A4 paper by folding it then sketched out a very basic fluid plan.

Such accuracy

Such accuracy


I then had a god rummage through my scrap bag and selected some likely candidates to use as landscape features. I selected a piece of pink linen mix for the ‘canvas’. I traveled in a pair of shorts I had used this fabric for. Oh I’m so sophisticated in my linen shorts, except for the safety pin holding them up. I always forget the small final details – at least passport control didn’t confiscate it!

Shaping up

I played around with the mountain shapes until they were in sort of the right place then pinned them to the linen. I found two pins holding little bundles of rickrack together in my kit. What joy, it was like discovering gold I did very well not lose them although one was bent.
I used a good old beloved Bobby blanket stitch, such as satisfying little fella, after cheerful Charlie chain I think he’s my favourite. Sadly my embroidery hoop had come a cropper. The little screw used to increase tension had run away to sea, I tried a hair bobble, a piece of thread and a lace. The Wolf optimistically said we might find one the same size on something. Really, would we, and on what exactly? I completed my Turner prize winner without the hoop. The clammy heat and sun cream vapour made it a bit soggy at times.

Limp Landscape

Limp Landscape

Returning  to our apartment from the beach was an extreme sport in itself, 270 very steep twisting and turning steps. Even with several stops to admire the view, when I could lift my head of my chest, it was exhausting. Once a day was enough for me, the Wolf became a mountain lunch mule. Briskly marching up and returning with chilled beer, cheese, tomatoes and olives daily, fresh as a daisy.



The steps along with Paulos boat, (oh yes let’s hire him to take us somewhere ace, tomorrow……) & the triumphant trees clinging gamely onto the crumbling cliff side had to be included.


Nearly done, both the embroidery and my holiday (very sad but looking forward to a joyful reunion with the Beauty & Constance). To quote Wham when referring to that Utopian place Club Tropicana: ‘all that’s missing is the sea’. So some dubious looking waves were added. The sea didn’t have any waves but I exercised my artistic licence and my boredom of slick Sebastian satin stitch.

Fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone!

Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone!

Well the sewing part is over I am threadless, just needs a good pressing and a home of some sort. Maybe a cusion or a holiday sewing bag, not sure yet but it will let me know.

I am glad I completed this mission as we rarely have holiday photos printed, a memento of an idyllic week is a good outcome.

Sun, sea and sewing

Home sweet sewn, I can’t wait to crank up Constance and get stitching up a stew I have a few weeks before I go back to work. Lots of plans though,  I must put some hours in on my sewing loft. Really want to try bubble quilting: I have a worm of an idea in my head to try, and I have an idea for a Pram-bag to develop.

I’m sew lucky!


Any thoughts on this?

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