Wild Needle Chase

The Wolf and I set off on the quest for needles armed with a bottle of water each and boarded the bus to Omis. We had practised saying ‘two tickets to Omis please’ in Croatian and clutched 20 Kunas in our sweaty mits. Sadly, our search was unsuccessful (apart from a tasty pizza and thirst quenching beer). The bus driver thought he was Jenson Button and seemed to enjoy taking the cliff top hair pin bends at speed!

Trying hard not to cry and wondering what I could do without a needle (I sound like a junky) we nipped in the teeny-weeny shop near the apartment  for some milk. Some kind of divine intervention drew me to the cleaning section of the shop. This in it self is shocking as I am no friend of housework. Angels sang, birds tweeted in harmony and I gave a squeal of joy. Nestling between the sponges and bleach were a packet of shiny needles!

An oasis in a desert

An oasis in a desert

I skipped back to the apartment and gleefully examined my sewing supplies looking for inspiration. As we were rather crispy from overdoing the sun yesterday we decided to spend the rest of the day on the shadyish terrace.

I started with a quick coin purse for Little Lou (Little Man Pee) to get me in the mood, not my best work. However it meets my self-imposed rule that my projects must be either functional or beautiful.

Every penny spent equals one earned

Every penny spent equals one earned

After a suitable warm up I was ready for the main event……. Pimping some rick rack, what joy! I have been planning to do this for so long. Apart from embroidering a face on dolls or soft toys many years ago I havent done any embroidery before. I had a few pieces of assorted sized rick rack in my travel sewing kit (a punched pocket closed with a bulldog clip!). I started off by trapping the rick rack in the hoop with a linen scrap (left over from the Sorbetto vest I made). I sketched out a very rough plan and embroidered some flowers onto the red rick rack.

Rick Rack FlowersI would have liked the blue piece above the red and then the white piece but it was too small. I had an idea saved to my Pinterest board that turned the rick rack into ducks/chickens that really wanted to try. I fixed the white piece using a sort of cross stitch with contrast thread. The blue was finished with chain stitch almost following the zig zag form of the rick rack.

Scraps of rick rack

Scraps of rick rack

I enjoyed the embroidery and found it very relaxing and plan to incorporate some rick rack pimping within future projects. The horrible fun sponge needle craft teacher from high school said that embroidery should be neat on both sides. Well mine isn’t & I don’t care, who will see it anyway? High school sewing nearly put me off for life, luckily my free-spirited creative Mum balanced things out.

I enjoyed primary school needle work, starting with felt gonk in the first year. We then progressed from an apron, a skirt to the glamorously named duchess set. (a rectangle & two squares made from gingham and embroidered with rows of cross stitch to adorn a young girls dressing table). My love of gingham started here we could choose from a range of rainbow colours.

The only thing I remember making in high school was a boring vanilla A line skirt. I do remember the humiliating first day where we all had to measure each other. I was a twiglet like 28-28-28, it was so embarrassing – I wonder if they would have asked boys to do the same?
Do children still have sewing lessons at school & what do they make now: phone cases?

That’s it for today as the holiday internet appears to be on a part-time contract and I keep losing my ‘work’.

I have an idea for a new project though, the Wolf gave my white lace beach cover up an admiring glance and commented that they should make those for men. Of course my mind instantly conjured up designs for a ‘Mancho’. When sharing the idea with the Beauty she suggested a ‘Hommecho’. I do think the Frenchified version would have more appeal and style!


2 thoughts on “Wild Needle Chase

  1. Thinking of you as I pack handy travel cross stitch sewing for kids n I as off on long campervan journey tomorrow. Cecile sews band logos ‘slaves’ is her best! Alex sews Lego inspired shapes, I recrete train/ tube tks!! I must remember needles……txxx


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