Sea, sun and sewing?

Hard work?

Hard work?

Am rather cheesed off, after fretting about sewing withdrawal on my hols (luxury problem, I know) for the last two weeks I conceived a plan. I would take some embroidery thread, a hoop and linen scraps to hand make some collars whilst sunbathing. I downloaded a cute pattern for baby sneakers from Shwin & Shwin (if you want to make baby shoes go there now: I also  gathered together my applique scraps to sew some arty farty pictures of views. My flower fairy grandson Little Lou has recently progressed from nappies to underpants. Somewhere along the way he confused the saying ‘spend a penny’ with earn a penny. When he does what he has to do he asks for a penny. He overheard me muttering that he needs a purse to keep his ill gotten gains in and agreed strongly. I planned to make him a beautiful pocket-sized purse to keep his earnings from urinary extortion in.

So little yet so worry some

So little yet so worry some

Now then, this is highly organised for me the last few weeks of work before the big summer break (really want to say Spring Break as it sounds exciting) are manic. I was quite chuffed with myself for planning in advance, well giving it some head room and making a mental list.

The first hicup occurred at Manchester Airport security, bear in mind that I am not a morning person when reading this. I recently had two trips to Holland to visit my handsome firstborn son Liam. The journey includes a long train journey, rail travel feeds my nosyness but Holland is rather flat and samey so I planned ahead. For these journeys I thought felt projects would be just the thing. I researched carefully and checked what could be taken in hand luggage. Sewing machines were too big (being an impatient gal I only ever take hand luggage. Scissors with blades no more than 6cm are permitted. (Much to Ma Julie’s (my eternally youthful Mum) joy so are crochet hooks and knitting needles.) I gleefully gamboled to my local craft shop and purchased the finest tidgey scissors available.

I was already in a foul mood due to the security staff barking orders at me during the everlasting endurance event of getting through passport control. When I saw my lovely Orla Kiely carry on bag ping to the other conveyor belt I knew that the morning was getting worse. After standing around for 20 minutes the child in a uniform finally asked me to open my case. The scissors were measured by her and another boy child in a uniform and grudgingly deemed acceptable. Phew off we go to buy vodka and breakfast, no it’s not to be. She then decided to run a plastic thing over my holiday wardrobe, including the neon fluffy striped socks! Checking for traces of who knows what, overlocker cuttings, press studs or interfacing?

Everything I need?!

Everything I need?!

I awoke early today excited by the thought of fondling my sewing supplies only to realise that the carefully stocked pincushion was missing! When the Wolf woke up he was suitably shocked to be greeted with a smacked bum face. ‘ what can I do? How will I sew! I have checked everywhere!’ As he is a football, well all sport, addict and Croatian TV channels do not air tennis or cricket he was empathetic. He even offered to whittle me one out of a twig! As the knives in the apartment do not cut butter this would mean sacrificing my beloved scissors so I declined his lovely offer.

How many can I take?

How many can I take?

Well I have always been crafty, (the evil woman who taught me O level needle work class told me sew). Whilst frying my body I had a cunning plan, I would collect some flat pebbles to use as sewing weights. I never pin or tack and usually use the Wolf’s tinned fish as weights to hold fabric in place when cutting!

Hopefully this will tide me over until we use our cringlish (Croatian English) to get a bus into the nearest town tomorrow searching for a needle in a haystack.

In the mean time I will continue to force my body to complete barbecue duty on the beach and sample the Croatian beer.

The Beauty, (Amelia, my only girlchild who is sadly at home earning a crust), looked for the pincushion containing the needles at home ( a rather fetching owl) but to no avail, I can only assume that the pleasant security staff nicked it!

I have a couple of projects I made at the weekend to blog but if the search for a needle is not successful I will take up fig leaf costumery.

Potential sewing project?

Potential sewing project?


2 thoughts on “Sea, sun and sewing?

    • I’m not sure if my fabulous stylish sister gave it me, it’s a tartan tape measure owl that multi tasks as a pin cushion? I have a feeling it may be sat on my desk in the sewing loft but don’t tell anyone


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