Meet Matilda

I have new family member to help me with my sewing, she arrived on Wednesday and has been hanging around downstairs waiting for a make over. She needs fattenng up, I feel like the witch in Hansel and Gretal!

As adjustable tailors dummy’s are out of my price range I opted for a much cheaper display dummy. I considered making a duct tape form but I have zero patience and the cost of materials is almost the same as a dummy.

I bought a size smaller than I am so I can add inches where required, she is a perfect hour glass figure. I’m more of a wine glass: skinny legs, no waist and a comfort tummy.

The make over (under?) will start next week, I am enjoying her company while she hangs out. Not so sure the people who share my sewing space, my family, are as chuffed by her arrival though!


She he is called Matilda after the dress makers dummy that lived in the needlework room at school. She had a beautiful linen cover with her name embroidered on, we never got to use her. Too busy making boring stuff and getting shouted at for large stitches or wonky seams. O level needle craft almost put me off sewing for life, thinking about clothes I could make for the Original Matilda was the high point of the lessons.

oh well, best get busy I need to write my about page, make a summer nightgown for baby Maebh, start plumping out Matilda and sunbathe!


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