Crazy block tunic

Some people, those with no ‘sewel’ (sewers soul) would say that I buy too much fabric, I would reply: sew what? I set myself the challenge of scrap busting, patchwork seemed the obvious choice but I am rather slap dash and very undisciplined.  Crazy blocking has much more appeal as you generally make it up as you go/sew along.

Firstly I rummaged through my scraps under 10 x 15 cm box, yes I catogorise my scraps by size, it’s another procrastinating pastime!  After a happy trip down material memory lane the winners were selected. The bright colours  and slightly japanese theme made it to ‘boot camp’.


This is my kind of sewing when you need to chill, just let the fabric decide and don’t plan or worry. You could call it material meditation or sewga (yoga – a step to far in the sewing pun arena?).  You basically line up your fabric, sew and flip over, and add another………There are plenty of guides/tutorials around, the basic rules are:

trim seams

press, press and press

maintain a uniform seam allowance ( I tried, I promise)

After a happy escapist hour or two I had a panel complete, I gave it a good old pressing then had a brew and pondered on the possibilities. It was almost like having a bespoke mid-shaped fat quarter!


As the panel was a sort of bottom heavy oval I toyed with the idea of a burp cloth for my soon to be born niece. Before I knew it my beloved french curve was earning it’s keep and a tunic was drafted. I cut another in gingham (after rick-rack, my next fave thing) sewed them together right sides facing leaving a small gap for turning out. Pressed, and added a rick-rack edge cunningly closing the turning gap at the same time. I trimmed the sleeves with another of life’s can’t live withouts: bias binding.


Feeling cocky after this project I planned (ahem, dreamed) about making a big curtain, of course this is on the to do list!

A willing model for my stitching wizardry

Maebh ready for summer festivals

so cute, I must do this again!


2 thoughts on “Crazy block tunic

  1. Thank you I hope it has inspired you to make something with scraps, sadly I don’t have any more photos. I am machineless next week (holiday) and plan to hand sew a small block to keep me sane! I will blog it’s progress, the best advice I can give anyone is don’t worry & go with the flow, mistakes are ‘bespoke features’. People often ask me when I buy fabric or am cutting out or even sewing: what are you making? I usually reply that I don’t know until it’s done!


  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s gorgeous! Would love to see some images of the back of the ‘bespoke fat square’, as it would help me understand the process. Also some images of the drafting bit. Am a total non-sower and very nosey. Can’t wait to see the curtain.


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